Mijn boekje is er dan eindelijk

Trots op mijn boekje!!! Hij is eindelijk helemaal af en klaar voor de verkoop! Wilt u ook een boekje, neem dan contact met mij op en dan stuur ik het boekje naar u op.  


When you live with musicians, an occasional gig is always happening. Great nights to take out the camera.

Baby shoot

The little details in a newborn shoot make it so fun to do. The tiny hands, feet and ears.. Every time it’s different and adorable. I think i like these shoots so much because you […]

Instagram madness in Inktober

Make sure you keep checking my instagram!! I’m participating in the challenging Inktober this year. Which means… I am doing a design/drawing every day for the whole month!! Make sure you check it out by […]

Little flowers

The good thing of having a birthday is the nice flowers i got! Love taking close up shots of these little beauties.

Wedding details

The little details on a major event are the best things to capture.

Gifts of joy

A couple of days ago my little nephew was finally born. As exited as I was, I decided I wanted to make the present myself. Knowing it’s more fun and i wouldn’t risk giving something […]

Feeling nuts

Homemade Nut bread These days i’m all about healthy home made foods. I noticed that I feel more comfortable with food if i know what i have putten in to it. No added stuff that […]