Wedding details

The little details on a major event are the best things to capture.

Gingerman time for the Christmas spirit

To get into the holiday spirit, I decided to start some baking.  Gingerbread cookies is something i always wanted to make but never did. Feeling festive i finally decided enough is enough. Time for some […]

Little Monkey

This is just the cutest little man in my life. Every time i see him, i can’t resist to take a few pictures.  It was fun to try something new and look a bit further […]

Drawing challenge – Day 20

I decided it’s time for a challenge. For the next 30 days or so i’m gonna draw everyday at least one sketch. I noticed that i draw way less these days and that has to […]

Colourful Thailand

I finally had my long waited holiday. I’ve spend some of it in Thailand. And what a trip it was. I fell in love with the beautiful beaches of Koh Samui and enjoyed many culinary […]

Time for some holiday spirit

I will be gone for a few weeks due to a holiday. This will mean that I can not be contacted by phone and I might respond later on emails. I’m finally traveling again!! So […]

One week old Photoshoot Sam

It was finally time to do the one week old photoshoot with my little nephew Sam <3 It’s such an adorable little boy and a joy to work with. And the best thing was that […]

Thunder <3

There are a few things i love photographing. Thunder is one of them. A few nights ago i went out on the balcony trying to catch some lightning and trying. These are a few results […]