First test with my new ND filter

I tried my ND filter for the first time.. And it’s really dark and amazing!! There are some things i really need to different next time though.. Like clean it way better before using.. And […]


  So good!!! Just a bit of yoghurt mixed with raspberries, mango, oatmeal and hazelnuts… The best way to start the day!

Time for some high contrast

I’m always very interested in finding out how far you can go with the contrast before you ruin the shot. I tried this with some flowers. The fun thing for me is to create images […]

flower shoot

Played around with some flowers today to try out my studio lighting.

Foggy Beach

It was such an nice day so i decided to go to the beach to take some pictures of the sunset. There was not really a sunset but there was a lot of fog. It […]

Fotograferen bij het Haags dierenasiel

Sinds zondag ben ik actief als fotograaf bij het Haags Dierencentrum. Eens in de paar weken zet ik de nieuwe honden op de foto. Deze super schattige hondjes zoeken nog steeds een nieuw baasje. Kijk […]

Trying out something new

Trying something new this time. How about an illustration of the most memorable moments in your life..   It’s still a work in progress…