A lot of time to draw

When you can’t go to the beach.. Bring the beach to you. Full lockdown makes me draw a lot of images of outdoor life. There is a thing with you miss it when it’s taken […]

Mijn boekje is er dan eindelijk

Trots op mijn boekje!!! Hij is eindelijk helemaal af en klaar voor de verkoop! Wilt u ook een boekje, neem dan contact met mij op en dan stuur ik het boekje naar u op.  

Instagram madness in Inktober

Make sure you keep checking my instagram!! I’m participating in the challenging Inktober this year. Which means… I am doing a design/drawing every day for the whole month!! Make sure you check it out by […]

Food bowl illustrations

I recently finished illustrating some nice bowls of food. I always love doing these long projects. The amount of detail that goes in it really makes the finished result satisfying. It’s a long process to […]

Living in a new place

I know it has been a while since i updated my website. A lot for me has changed the last few months which made me neglect my website for a bit. But it doesn’t mean […]

New adventures of Kabou

The 2nd book of Kabou is finished!! Had a lot of fun creating the illustrations for the 2nd adventure of Kabou. Make sure you get your copy when it comes out <3

Food Sketches

I’ve been a bit busy these days with drawing some nice fresh foods. Excited in taking this further.  

2nd book in the making

Time for a short update to show my new little pride and joy It’s gonna be a book about a little fox who goes out on many adventures <3 Stay tuned for more updates about […]

So Proud

So proud to see this book online. I did the illustrations and now it’s finally available!! So don’t hesitate and order that book!! 🙂 http://www.boekenbestellen.nl/boek/het-avontuur-van-kabou-de-tuinkabouter/9789463450010  

Drawing challenge – Day 20

I decided it’s time for a challenge. For the next 30 days or so i’m gonna draw everyday at least one sketch. I noticed that i draw way less these days and that has to […]