Colourful Thailand

I finally had my long waited holiday. I’ve spend some of it in Thailand.

And what a trip it was. I fell in love with the beautiful beaches of Koh Samui and enjoyed many culinary experiences in Bangkok.
It was one amazing trip with so many different foods to try. And for the first and last time, i hold a monkey. A cute little thing. I will never do it again because now i contributed to this thing i don’t really like that much. I wish they could just stay in the wild and not be used as a tourist attraction. I know it sounds hypocritical because i did it too.

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I never ate so much sea food in my life. The funny thing was that i went there willing to try everything. And that was a decision i regretted sometimes. Especially when i tried mussels and stupidly ate the part you should not ate. That was a very bad experience. I learned a lot of different ways to cook stuff and I am sure gonna try some at home.

Throughout the trip I saw many different things. But the high contrast in wealth is undeniable and sad sometimes. There were moments i realised i was fighting for a fair price but when you think about it.. You’re fighting for 3 euro’s that they need way more than i would. And that was a thing i could not adjust too that well.


I definitely realised that when i went to a skybar. We were directed by 4 people into an elevator where somebody pressed the button. On the top floor there were 8 people waiting for us to escort us like sheep to the balcony where we could see the view. Along with a lot of other people. I think we spend there 2 minutes in total and then quickly went away and had a drink in a normal bar.

But i have to say. The view was amazing.


Thailand was an amazing place to try different foods and see how rich the culture is. I’ve seen beautiful landscapes and met some amazing and friendly people. Can’t wait to go back and finish a few more fresh coconuts