Getting back to Nature

Sometimes I’m just a very bad dutch citizen…

I didn’t even knew that nature in the Netherlands could be this pretty. Living in a very busy city with not a lot of it around it’s something you forget easily.
When i was in Australia i lived for 6 months on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by nature. Surrounded by snakes,lizards and other weird animals. Waking up with kangaroes in the yard while watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee. I couldn’t think of anything better.

It was one of the most amazing places I ever lived. And I would go back in a heartbeat. Being in the woods for just 2 days made me realise how much i love nature. The calmness of people who live in the small villages was such a welcome change. The food was surprisingly really good. And the thing that was most amazing is the fact that i didn’t cause any accidents on the road with my bad skills of driving. I haven’t been in a car for so long. I was a nervous wreck but really proud it all went well.