Gifts of joy

A couple of days ago my little nephew was finally born.

As exited as I was, I decided I wanted to make the present myself.
Knowing it’s more fun and i wouldn’t risk giving something to that little fellow that somebody else bought as well. That would be horrible.

So i decided it’s time to do something I’ve never done before.
Sewing a stuffed animal. Sounds good and easy right.. It wasn’t.
We didn’t knew if it was gonna be a boy or a girl when i started making the gifts so I also decided to cover all bases. I had to make gifts for a girl and for a boy.
I designed the outlines on some old baking paper and off I went to the market to buy the materials.

And then all the fun started. I ended up spending 2 days sewing these little stuffed animals. And they turned out so cute.

I really can’t wait to have some spare time to make a few more with different prints.
For now. My little nephew loves his little dinosaur <3