Last few weeks.

Busy Busy Busy

Hardly any time to do work for my own company.

I finally have some more free time coming up this week. More time to create what’s been in my head for weeks now. I have to do some food shoots and finishing up some christmas things.

There has been a lot of ideas in my head. Like this one with the towel. I did a pre study with myself to see how i would like to have the lighting.
Now the only thing i have to do is hire a model to do the shoot 🙂

And with the crazy schedule thats a really difficult task…


I really need to get a week off of work to finish all the things i have to do. But when the work you do is so much fun it’s hard to plan any days off.

This coming week i’m hopefully able to upload some of the latest designs and shoots i’ve done.

And for the first time ever… I’m also designing Christmas Cards…. Who would have thought that could happen…