Octo Time

Time for some food photography.

I had an impuls shopping moment today when i went to the market and bought a very large octopus.
It was something i wanted to do for so long but always postponed because i have no idea how to cook it. And knowing how many times it takes for me to make something taste nice, it wasn’t really a good idea to try cooking seafood out with an octopus.
But today I finally had my “fuck it, lets try it” moment and i bought it.
And it was fun. That thing was so much bigger than i anticipated though. It didn’t fit in the first set up i made. The legs sort of attacked me and never stayed in one place. Being a bit overwhelmed and feeling like oh wow i really got myself into something stupid, I changed the setting and slowly began to see the right composition.

Thankfully the results are quite worth the effort.
And the most amazing part was that I ended up with 2kg amazing octopus to eat at night.