Old school Yashica-A

Loving my old school vintage camera’s!! Today i took my Yashica-A out for a testrun.

I can’t show the pictures jet, but i will as soon as they are developed.
But what i have seen, the camera really needs some cleaning on the inside.
It’s so old that i can imagine the pictures coming up with a lot of dust and dirt on it. I was having so much fun with it though. It’s something special to know you only have 12 shots. With modern day camera’s you don’t really have to care about messing up a shot.

I tend to use these camera’s just to become less lazy in photography. I used to do a lot of street photography when you can only take one shot for that precise moment. These days i don’t have energy/time or joy in going out in my city for some street photography.
This way I am more committed in finding that special hidden moment that is worth a frame.

The plan with this Yashica is that it’s going to join me on my next trip. And that means it has to be functioning perfectly.